HangOut Hive By-Laws
The Hangout Hive Membership has adopted the following Bylaws and agreement to them is a prerequisite to joining and continuing participation
  1. The Hangout Hive is a social group for high functioning and independent adults with learning disabilities aged 21 years of age and over

  2. Membership
  3. Membership requires that you complete the registration form, pass the interview, and pay a $25.00 Annual Membership Fee, payable in cash or check made out to LDAMC. Only Members can attend events unless someone is invited by a member
  4. If a member lapses their membership but at a later date wants to return to the group, they do not have to be interviewed
  5. A prospective member can only come to an event or meeting twice before having to become a member to attend future events
  6. If a member does not pay their membership fee by the end of the third month after it is due, their membership expires

  7. Conduct within the Hangout Hive
  8. Confidentiality - All information within the Hangout Hive meeting is considered Confidential
  9. There will be no drugs or alcoholic beverages consumed at Hangout Hive Events

  10. Elections
  11. All voting shall be done by secret ballot
  12. Voting for Officers will be done at an annual meeting normally held in August and there will be an election once a year

    * 1st month July - Selection of the names of Candidates running for Office to be put on the Slate.
    * Nominations are open for the entire months and close on July 31st
    * To be on the slate to become a board member, you need to be an active member for 6 months or longer.

    * 2nd month August - Election is held at the beginning of the August meeting. August meeting is closed to guests except for those who join the Hive at the meeting. New board immediately takes control after meeting concludes.

    * All candidates who are running for elections must be present at the August meeting.
    * Everyone who wants to vote must be present at the August meeting.
    * There will be no voting done by E-mail for elections.
    * Board terms last for one year, effective at the end of the August meeting to August of the next year.
    * Candidate running for president must submit a platform. A platform is a short speech detailing why they are running and what they plan to do if elected. It is optional for the other positions.
    * Election will be secret ballot. Ballots will be counted by a non-member and the winners announced at the meeting.
  13. As a member in the Hangout Hive, a person cannot use participation in their personal business as a promise of membership in the Hangout Hive Social Group. Additionally, a person cannot promote their business or business email in the Hangout Hive that includes also on the Evites or Personal Email or on the Phone or Text, or on Clothing to any Member(s)
  14. All By-Law changes shall only be enacted after passage by the group at a meeting via a balloted vote

  15. Events
  16. The event coordinator/host shall include all members in an evite
  17. If a member wishes to invite a guest to an event, let the host know on the RSVP and then provide the name of the guest
  18. When a member invites a guest to an event they can only invite them twice. After the second event, the guest must decide to become a member if they wish to attend future events
  19. When the member responds to an Evite and then changes their mind, UPDATE the Evite with your "Yes" or "Maybe" or "No" to match. If it is a very last minute change, please contact the event host
  20. All "maybe" rsvps on an Evite shall be counted as a "no" rsvp for reservation purposes.