The Hangout Hive Membership has adopted the following Code of Conduct rules and agreement to them is a prerequisite to joining and continuing participation
  • All members will treat other members with respect and kindness: No harassment, threats of violence nor retaliation nor discrimination will be tolerated.
  • During meetings and events, members will refrain from excessive cursing or extremely off-color jokes.
  • All members will keep disputes private and shall not make them public over email or social media.
  • All members, when they host a Hangout Hive event, will invite all members to their event.
  • Hosts of HH events need to be on time to secure reservations or transport members.
  • If an event needs to be changed or cancelled by the host, please do it a least 12 hours before unless extenuating circumstances occur (Such as illness or death in the family).
  • During election season, all "campaigning" must be positive (no attacking one's opponent) and done by the candidate themselves.
  • Disciplinary Action:
    Repeated failure to follow the code of conduct will result in member's behavior being brought up before the group. There will be time for the member to explain himself in front of the group. Appropriate disciplinary action, if needed, then will be voted on. Majority vote passes.
  • In the case of disciplinary action involving the President, two out of these three persons: Vice-President, Treasurer and staff facilitator, must agree disciplinary action needs to be taken. The President, like any other member, will have time during a meeting to defend him or herself. Then appropriate action will be voted on and taken. Majority vote passes.